You are not alone

IBS-D takes guts, but you’re not alone. We’ve gathered these resources to help you understand the condition, learn different ways to manage it, and even find support among other patients like you.

Explore the possible
causes of IBS-D. Watch the
video to take a closer look.

Explore the
possible causes
of IBS-D.
the video to take
a closer look.

Ask your healthcare provider

Talking to your doctor about your symptoms isn’t always easy. Use the questions below to help you start the discussion. And be sure to ask about other treatment options you may not have tried.

  • What might be causing my IBS-D symptoms?
  • What information would be helpful for you to know when I keep a journal about my symptoms?
  • Can changing my diet and exercising regularly help my symptoms?
  • What if lifestyle changes and over-the-counter medications haven’t worked?
  • What prescription medications are available for IBS-D?
  • How long do I have to take a prescription medication and when will it start to work?
  • Are there other options I should know about?
  • When should I schedule a follow-up appointment?

Download printable questions
for your next appointment