So what, exactly, takes guts?

So much! It takes guts to face the day knowing your symptoms could act up at any moment. To get past any embarrassment and have that talk with your doctor. To take action and get gut smart.

And when it comes to living with symptoms or searching for relief, it’s all about having guts – and the right information. That’s where we come in. We hope our resources help empower your search for answers, and ultimately find relief.

“My stomach pain and diarrhea were controlling my life. I wanted to know how to take my life back.

Take the first steps to understanding.

Explore the possible causes of IBS-D. Watch the video to get a closer look.

Take on IBS-D with these resources.

It might feel like you’re alone dealing with your IBS-D – but there are millions of people just like you who are learning how to manage it. We hope these resources will help you learn more about IBS-D and start your journey toward managing your condition.

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“IBS-D is just a part of my life.”

Hear from one IBS-D sufferer about her own experience with learning about IBS-D.

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